career change in midlife

Midlife Career Change – The 5 Usual Issues And How to Overcome Them

Changing career is not easy for anyone, regardless of their age and background, but it definitely can be a big challenge at 40, in your midlife. Just like any big shift in our lives it is full of known and unknown hurdles, questions and victories. This post is not concerned with the motivation behind why people in their midlife often want to change career, but it will try to cover the most prominent issues that you have to face if you decide to do so. So, you have done a lot of soul searching and you realized that you need, want and are ready for the risky step – midlife career change and you are about to embark on that journey. If you know what direction you want to take when it comes to the field of work and the exact type of work or job title, then you are already way ahead...

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4 Unbeatable Reasons to Hire a Middle Aged Job Seeker

In the current job market and economy, hunting for jobs is difficult for everyone. The competition is fierce and there are always so many people who apply. If you are on the hiring side of this equation, there might be some bias towards overlooking older candidates. There definitely is some stigma about aging and work performance, even though many recent studies little proof that older people are outperformed by their younger peers. Here are some good reasons to hire a middle-aged job seeker. Proven track record Depending on the job, previous experience and achievements may be crucial for the success of the candidate. Young candidates may have the stamina, ambition and drive to learn and do great things. But it is the proven ability to actually do the job that will help your...

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Embracing New Technologies by the Middle Aged

Do you have the latest gadgets? Are you up to date with the newest ones? If you are middle aged, the answer to this question can be anything from a resounding “NO.” to an enthusiastic “Yes!”. As our world is becoming more digital, the constant influx of new technology is almost a part of our daily life. Novelties come at a faster pace than ever and we need to absorb them in our routines frequently. On the other hand, western population is aging. How is this aging population coping with so much technology? How are the middle aged managing? We can still live pretty much an analog life: do our banking in the banks, our shopping in the shops, our socializing in person. And that is unlikely to disappear. However, the digital alternative of those activities is...

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