midlife crisis and teenagers

You, Your Midlife Crisis and Your Teenagers – Survival Tips

Whether your midlife is calm and fulfilled, or turbulent and crisis-like, it is also a period for many of us when our children are going through their own transformative years. The hurricanes that ensue may be painful and difficult for both. But midlife crisis parenting is something a lot of people go through and survive, on both sides of the battlefield. While you are going through the “did I waste my youth?” stage of self unraveling, it can be extremely challenging to have the patience and empathy for your child and their mood swings. Both processes are very natural and needed for us to grow and transform individually, but when they happen at the same time it may cause a true crisis with no winners. So, how what can you do to be ready for the storm? Here is some...

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Everything You Need to Know About Empty Nest Syndrome

Sooner or later, and I am not sure which of the two is better, every parent faces the prospect of an empty nest. This new beginning can impact us in such a strong way that modern society recognizes this phenomenon as an “empty nest syndrome”. It often coincides with other changes in our body and life, which can make it a bit more complicated to distinguish. What is the Empty Nest Syndrome? Even though the word syndrome sounds serious, this is not a clinical diagnosis – empty nest syndrome refers to a commonly experienced set of feelings during the period of family transition, after children leave home for extended periods of time, either to study or to live independently. The syndrome can affect not only parents, but also the remaining  siblings and can disrupt...

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How to Cope with Your Husband’s Mid-life Crisis

The article is taken from Disorganisation Guru.   The scene is all too familiar: a middle-aged man, suddenly wearing unusually bright colors, driving a car he can’t afford, doing a sport that his joints can’t afford. Everything about him is oozing newly found energy and passion for life, but underneath it all, bitterness and regret occasionally peek their ugly head. Yes, it is the mid-life crisis and you are in for a ride. Whether it will be a fun one or a disaster is up to you. Even though a mid-life crisis is a very personal struggle for all of us, other people in your life are directly or indirectly involved in it. If your partner is going through a mid-life crisis, here’s what you should try to do to help them and yourself come out of it happier: Give up...

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10 Great Things about Midlife

Here are 10 great things about midlife. Of course, generalizations are always dangerous, and this list of 10 things maynot apply to everyone. Still, I am sure that any “midlifer” will find several that they can relate to. Whether you are single or have a partner, the turbulence of early youth is behind you. The relationships you have been building for years are stable and comforting. The eat-sleep-poop cycle of parenting is over. Your children are grown enough to require much less physical effort. You have a home and you love it. It probably took some time to settle, but now the effort is bringing fruits. The pains of growing up and “making something of yourself” are behind you. Maybe you succeeded in your plans, maybe you failed. But you are you and you...

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