Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging – Rules to Live by

The multi million dollar industry dedicated to the pursuit of the eternal youth wants to convince us that just by spending some of our hard-earned cash we can reverse the effects of gravity and normal cellular deterioration. There is yet no proof that any of it actually works. We cannot stop aging, at least not right now. We may be able to slow the process down, or make it more enjoyable and less illness-ridden, however. But until the eternal youth (and eternal health) elixirs are discovered, the best you can do is to embrace aging and do so in a healthy way. It’s too easy to list the things that have been repeated ad nauseam on how you just eat well and exercise, and think that just by doing those things every single one of us will reach to be a 100 and finish a triathlon at...

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do not age gracefully

Do Not Age Gracefully

“I want to age gracefully” my friend said. And at that moment, I fully supported her. The idea of accepting the aging process and doing so gracefully seemed like the right type of rebellion against the mainstream public opinion and media. We are under enough pressure to look young and show no signs of ageing. But then, when I came home and my mind continued pondering the topic, the positive thoughts were replaced by anger. And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I wanted to sit down and pour out all that anger and then share it with others on social media. But anger is not the right muse if you want your message to be truly heard. Instead, I started thinking more. First, what does it mean to age gracefully? Is it only external or also mental, psychological...

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What is Midlife and Is It Good or Bad?

Do you remember the moment when you turned from a child into an adolescent, or from an adolescent into an adult? Probably not. Yet, we do recognize that at a certain moment in our life the part of population we mostly identify with, changes. So, what is midlife? How is this stage different from youth and from the old age? Both psychology and medicine have been intensely interested in this question. Nowadays that we live longer than any of our ancestors this question is becoming more important. And whichever angle you decide to look from, midlife is definitely a life stage defined by subtle but substantial mind and body changes. Encyclopedia Britannica ( defines midlife as a “period of human adulthood that immediately precedes the onset of old age.”...

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