Yoga for midlife

5 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Cope When Life Got You Down

  The benefits of yoga are aplenty, and one of them is its ability to help you find your footing in times of change and difficulty. Yoga helps you ground yourself. It helps you heal and it helps you get back up when it’s time. Find your center in times of difficult changes through these 5 easy yoga poses. Even if you don’t practice yoga, I highly recommend for you to try them out and experience how it will help to change the way you feel for the better.   Career problems: Matsyasana   Did you lose your job recently? Or perhaps you’re constantly second-guessing yourself in your work choices and decisions? Boost your confidence level with fish pose (Matsyasana). Like any chest-opening poses, fish pose helps to open your heart and throat areas, instantly giving you a...

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do not age gracefully

Do Not Age Gracefully

“I want to age gracefully” my friend said. And at that moment, I fully supported her. The idea of accepting the aging process and doing so gracefully seemed like the right type of rebellion against the mainstream public opinion and media. We are under enough pressure to look young and show no signs of ageing. But then, when I came home and my mind continued pondering the topic, the positive thoughts were replaced by anger. And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I wanted to sit down and pour out all that anger and then share it with others on social media. But anger is not the right muse if you want your message to be truly heard. Instead, I started thinking more. First, what does it mean to age gracefully? Is it only external or also mental, psychological...

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4 Unbeatable Reasons to Hire a Middle Aged Job Seeker

In the current job market and economy, hunting for jobs is difficult for everyone. The competition is fierce and there are always so many people who apply. If you are on the hiring side of this equation, there might be some bias towards overlooking older candidates. There definitely is some stigma about aging and work performance, even though many recent studies little proof that older people are outperformed by their younger peers. Here are some good reasons to hire a middle-aged job seeker. Proven track record Depending on the job, previous experience and achievements may be crucial for the success of the candidate. Young candidates may have the stamina, ambition and drive to learn and do great things. But it is the proven ability to actually do the job that will help your...

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Best Exercise for Over 40

Keeping in good shape becomes increasingly more important as we age. If you have an active lifestyle than exercise is a part of it. But if you have been slacking in that department, here is some of the best exercise for over 40. The list is full of easy activities that you can start at any age. Walking If you are unsure where to start, try walking. It is the easiest way to get more active. You don’t have to suddenly start walking for hours – adding just one short walk a day will be good. If you can make walking a part of your daily routine, even better. As a form of exercise for over 40, walking has many benefits, for example: it strengthens bones and muscles, helps in prevention of disease, helps in maintain a healthy weight. The great thing about it is that there is no age...

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10 Great Things about Midlife

Here are 10 great things about midlife. Of course, generalizations are always dangerous, and this list of 10 things maynot apply to everyone. Still, I am sure that any “midlifer” will find several that they can relate to. Whether you are single or have a partner, the turbulence of early youth is behind you. The relationships you have been building for years are stable and comforting. The eat-sleep-poop cycle of parenting is over. Your children are grown enough to require much less physical effort. You have a home and you love it. It probably took some time to settle, but now the effort is bringing fruits. The pains of growing up and “making something of yourself” are behind you. Maybe you succeeded in your plans, maybe you failed. But you are you and you know...

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